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The document was written in the early 1990s and reflects that period, though concerns continue in more recent forms (such as VHS is now DVD).It addresses the following issues: To conservative Anabaptists such as the Beachy Amish Mennonites, it is not enough for a church to claim to believe the right doctrine.Use our poll questions search tool to search our database of polling questions.

Shared leadership prevents the church from focusing on a single personality and making that person proud.

Thereafter, the church community provides members with lifelong accountability and direction in order to uphold Gods directives for holiness as revealed through the Bible and by the Holy Spirit through the brotherhood . The church is not responsible for judging the Christian devotion of those outside the immediate church and constituency, but rather to tend to the flock.

This is paralleled by an outreach program that aims to inform and encourage non-Christians and lax Christians of the fallen state of man and the opportunity to follow Jesus Christ as devout servants of God., written in 1632 by Dutch Mennonite church leaders.

These statements address topics like doctrine, dress, recreation, technology, interior design, and devotion to church programs.

The idea is to add flesh to the harder teachings of the New Testament for todays age in a way that is meaningful and relevant.

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