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I remember reading about her being paired up wih Jin Akanishi. But, time to time we did learn that she dated a few guys in the past during her career and at her age dating is kind of a normal thing to do.So that guy since he is a celebrity too is just one of them that we know about it.

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Though both tried out, it was Bo A who snagged the talent scouts' attention, and they immediately offered her a contract.

She is iconic and one of the most important people in this industry.

2888507 BLESS And lol the Naver article for it is (unsurprisingly) at the top (You should change the thread title to [CONFIRMED] Bo A dating Joowon!

However, Bo A made an acclamation that the male friend she was with was her “dancers’ stylist”.

Unfortunately, malicious rumors started to make way into the matter when the media discovered that the man in the photo apparently had been living with his girlfriend.

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