Airport utility an error occurred while updating the configuration

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At various times during the past week, network symptoms were slow Ethernet-based Internet or no Ethernet-based Internet at all, spinning beach balls while connections were attempted, password problems and devices disappearing and re-appearing from the network diagram in Airport Utility. The same thing happened with my brother-in-law's home office, Ethernet network. The Ethernet-based Internet connection would initially work for a few minutes, but then slowly die. If true, Apple's usually reliable firmware updates are to blame. The LEDs behind the Netgear Link/ACT port numbers appeared to flash off-and-on in unison everytime I plugged in the CAT 5 cable connecting the switch to the front end of the network (rather than merely blink with network activity). Epilogue Indeed, it appears that the Airport Firmware Update v7.6.3 has a critical bug that breaks communications with Netgear (and possibly other) network switches. After days of trouble-shooting and tediously plugging and unplugging Ethernet cables and powering off-and-on every network device numerous times I was at my wits end. I decided to try this one last solution and downgraded the firmware. So far today, I've had a stable, reliable and fast Ethernet-based Internet connection all day.

My Extreme is not even acting as a router, only a bridge to provide some extra wifi coverage in my home as well as 5 GHz to my 5 GHz capable clients. Subsequent runs of Airport Utility report no firmware update required, and indicate a current version. I've also had occasional update issues with other things through the Apple App store and i Tunes, but they've never appeared to produce functional issues.However, during this software re-write, the revised software still does not include several settings tools that once were available in older versions.On computers with Snow Leopard or Leopard, use Airport Utility 5.6.1, which supports 802.11n models and the original Air Port Express. In fact, other important new features have been added in the last three versions of Airport Utility.

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