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Expedited delivery - better look up the meaning of the work "expedited!!!

I defined a few things in my previous posts up there, check it out. And those green Rod Lavers are very high up on my list of things to buy. After graduating highschool I hardly played because my friend didn't really want to anymore so I had no more hackin' buddy.Although I did occasionally 'kick the sack' here and there, but not enough for improvement. an excellent ressource for moves; just look in the freestyle section of that website. like matt said, I also recommend getting a sandbag to get your skills at stalling and kicking perfect. (you dont want to kick the bag on a roof or something! On a more physical level, practice your kicking accuracy, with both legs. hehe) get the notations for [dex] [del] and the others. and if we can get a few more ppl, it would be cool to organize a shred session sometimes this summer!

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