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We are the area's leading eye care provider, our mission is to preserve and enhance eye health and vision.

We are pleased to offer a full range of primary, medical and surgical eye care services.

But cataracts, astigmatism and presbyopia don’t mean a permanent loss of vision or giving up activities.

With today’s advances in medical technology, eye surgeons can correct cataracts, astigmatism and presbyopia at the same time.

We provide a full range of cosmetic & reconstructive and aesthetic services to refresh, renew and restore your eyes and facial appearance.

Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed; however, as with all surgeries there are warnings, precautions, and risks that you should be aware of.

From comprehensive eye examinations for eye glasses and contact lenses, to advanced medical and surgical services for sight-threatening conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic related eye diseases, our experienced doctors and dedicated staff are available to provide you and your family the advanced eye care services you deserve.

Morganton Eye Physicians provides a complete array of refractive services, including LASIK, PRK, the latest presbyopia correcting multi-focal and accommodating intraocular lenses and toric intraocular lenses for the correction of astigmatism.

Comprehensive vision correction services for all ages. We were very pleased with the treatment my husband received during surgery.

We have a variety of eye care and eyewear solutions from contact lenses to designer eyeglasses based on budget, comfort, and style. The complimentary lunch for spouses was very thoughtful. Bidar's personal call after surgery to see how he was doing.

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