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() Roberto, re Lets Encrypt wild card certificates, support for these is planned, but will require a different Domain Validation technique.

() John re abbreviate, NTWS uses approx 50 chrs , before chopping off the txt and displaying - more. not logging in , suggest make sure delete session on logout is not turned on.

Try a redirect with a 301 () Don - I have a question about a popup login form and refreshing the body () Don - update on the use of roadside cameras, found a way of using an i frame Bruce looks at the code, review the submit( ) of the form.

- use JQuery remove ie submit( ).remove( ) () Don - back to the login issue, () Nardus - Just wanted to know if you had time to look at my Maps problem? When I change the select, the page refresh fires but the drop list goes empty.

a cross browser drop line cascading validating menu-18

topic=7670.0 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Kurt - Re the Planner object, the header of the calendar is very small, cant see the dates. ALSO - how to lose the date lookup button having dots "..-" () Mike - An IDE question - How to find the code for a declaration?(multi-tenant app) () Johan - A discussion on values and session values, Store Value, session Q () Johan - A discussion on local variables () Johan - SMS - how do I get the response from the person I sent the sms to?[Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Michael - I am trying to understand more about NT Server, I have questions about the parameters in p_web.A walk through Debugview to see how a parent and child browse communicate. Getting the error 10013 trying to use port 80, unable to listen on tcp port 80, permission denied. (in change mode) () John - Disconnected desktop - some users might have access to more tables than others. () Ted - J Files - Groups and arrays, Ted has a queue of queues, and grandchildren, ie a q of q's of q's - issues? () Kurt - (revisit) Hi Bruce, Checking in on the status of the issue with the Planner and Login form not working when "combine files" is on.ie when a parent table is clicked, what events get triggered to tell the child to update. () Nardus - I Added Map on tab on a form and the form is not displaying correctly. () Nardus - where do I set the app id for the maps () Alejandro - When I go to a form from a browse from a double click, I get record not found, but I can use the change button and the record is found and shows in the form.

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