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But Mwenenge declined to say whether Dokolo has a financial interest in Exem Holding. Eni acquires a participation stake in the Angola LNG Project. This press release refers to Exem Exploration & Production B. This company has since been renamed Exem Oil & Gas B. They studied together in the school of So Domingo when they where kids.The fact that the Angolan president's son-in-law appears to have been representing Sonangol in its indirect investment in Galp does not amount to evidence of wrongdoing. V., according to annual accounts filed by the latter for 2007, and is wholly owned by Exem Energy B. In European circles of intelligence Comrade Paulo Kassoma his seen as one of the possible substitutes for the Dictator Jose Eduardo dos Santos to the Post of President of the Republic, but he has yet to give signs of his desire for such a post in the Regime He is the Chief of the Military Intelligence Service (SIM).More The Global Business Policy Council’s National Transformations Institute is dedicated to helping senior government and business leaders to anticipate and steer the diverse and accelerating transformations that are happening across the globe, based on rigorous strategic foresight.More A joint report from the World Economic Forum and A. Kearney measures 100 countries based on how well prepared they are for the future of manufacturing production, and looks at what policymakers and business leaders can do to navigate the opportunities and challenges ahead.When President dos Santos called for "zero tolerance" of corruption in November 2009, a prominent member of the ruling MPLA party said Angolans should feel free to criticise the president over his family's business dealings, Reuters news agency reported. He was the mentor for the promotion of the Regime Dissident General Fernando Miala.Portuguese billionnaire Americo Ferreira de Amorim is the chairman of Amorim Energia. Global Witness phone and email conversations with Mwenenge.9. Letter from Americo Ferreira de Amorim to Global Witness. In 2006 he had serious differences with Comrade Kundy Paihama.Angola has a reputation for severe corruption which Global Witness has been reporting on for the last decade. GEMACompany created by Simon Junior, its current president is Jose Leitao, former head of the Civil House of the Presidency.

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Properly structured private sector participation can fill the gap.

He told Global Witness, in a three-page response to questions about the issues raised in this briefing, that Dokolo had been appointed to the board of Amorim Energia "at the designation of Esperaza Holding". Correspondence between Global Witness and a lawyer acting for Dokolo.10. He has already threatened Sebastio Martins the Chief of the MPLA Regime Secret Service SINFO.

"The fact that Mr Dokolo is the husband of the daughter of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos does not seem in itself as relevant neither [sic] to qualify nor to disqualify him as a board member of Amorim Energia, and therefore was not a factor to have him appointed as a managing director of Amorim Energia," Amorim wrote in his letter to Global Witness. Letter sent to Vicente by Global Witness on 15 September 2009.11. Angolan President calls on party to end corruption. He has influenced the dismissal of the ex Chief of the Armed Forces Comrade General Francisco Furtado and also responsible for the dismissal of the ex Commander of the Second Military region Comrade General Jack Raul and his both assistants of the Military Intelligence Service SIM Comrade General Z Grande and Comrade General Joo Massano.

Forty-five per cent of the shares in Amorim Energia are owned by a company called Esperaza Holding BV, which is a subsidiary of Sonangol. Activity: supermarkets, cinemas, private clinic, shareholder of Coca-Cola Angola, partnerships with South African companies and Chinese.

The rest of Amorim Energia is ultimately controlled by Portugal's Amorim family., a businessman married to Isabel dos Santos, a daughter of the Angolan president. He is constitutionally the third person in the State.

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