02 dating is murder 2016

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But As Far As I’m Concerned This Girl Died The Day She Let This Boon Crawl 0n Top 0f Her! Let This Be A Lesson To All White Women Reading This, Stay Away From These Black Animals, They Will Beat You! The cuttings were from evidence found at the crime scene and Coley’s apartment.

Dan Swanson, the cold case detective assigned to investigate the Wicht murders full-time, has gone to several states throughout the country investigating the crimes.

Former Simi Valley police Detective Mike Bender, who was not involved in the initial murder investigation, believed Coley didn’t do it after reviewing the case in 1989.

He subsequently spent nearly 30 years trying to help Coley get out of prison and submitted a clemency petition.

But “the age of the case creates its own series of issues,” Swanson said.

That includes witnesses’ unclear memories or witnesses who are no longer living.

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